Welding Courses

Professional Welding School near Birmingham, AL

Located in Hoover AL

Weld South's core focus is our Professional Welder Program.

The Professional Welder Program is a 6-month course that will give you hands-on welder training along with welding fundamentals and safety education.

Classes: Monday-Friday with three available times.

Morning: 9:00am-1:00pm

Afternoon: 1:00pm-5:00pm

Evenings: 5:00pm-9:00pm

Our Professional Welder Program teaches the four major welding processes that the welding industry has the highest demand for.

Welding processes that are taught in this program include: SMAW/Stick, GTAW/TIG GMAW/MIG & FCAW/Dual Shield. Cutting processes that are taught in this program include: OxyFuel cutting and Plasma arc cutting. These welding processes and cutting processes will be a part of the pipe welding courses and structural steel courses Included in this program.

As part of completion of this program the student is required to pass a welder performance qualification test that will earn them the certifications that meet industry standards which are required in the top earning welding jobs around the world.

Weld South's job placement program isn’t hit-or-miss like other programs around the country. Once a student has successfully completed our program and is a Certified Welder to industry standards, we contact our large database to place that student in their chosen field to earn top pay as a Professional Certified Welder.

Our Courses utilize Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC welding curriculum and is a part of L.E.E.P.S., the Lincoln Electric Education Partner Schools.

A student at a welding trade school near Birmingham, AL

Preparing Career ready graduates

We focus on teaching students skills and knowledge that will have practical applications in real-world welding careers. Our goal is to help students gain the expertise that will carry them through their welding careers. As part of the completion of our program, students are required to pass a welder performance qualification test that will earn them the required certifications that meet industry standards.

Weld South

Job Placement Program

Once our students have graduated, employment will be the easiest part. We have a large network of industry employers that we contact and our graduates will be placed in their chosen field of employment to start earning a lucrative income.

Speak with an Instructor

For questions about our welding program or any other concerns, please feel free to call an instructor today. Weld South is more than happy to accommodate the future welding generation.